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  • Work together to advocate for third party reimbursement for tobacco dependence treatment and other policy change


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New member benefit  - access to Journal of Smoking Cessation

We are delighted to announce that members can now benefit from quality reading to inform their practice or study, with online access to Journal of Smoking Cessation(JSC).
As part of an access arrangement with Cambridge University Press,
 ATTUD members can now access JSC free of charge.

JSC is published twice yearly, with articles published online ahead of issue allocation via FirstView . The table of contents will be sent out to the ATTUD listserv with each new issue.

Journal of Smoking Cessation is the world's only publication devoted exclusively to the treatment of smoking cessation. The journal is targeted specifically to the area of smoking cessation at the "grass-roots" level, focusing on observational studies that have practical implications for those assisting smokers to quit.

Members can access JSC via the members log in page.