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Progesterone as a Treatment for Smoking Cessation

Most, but not all, studies have found that women smokers have lower quit rates and respond less robustly to nicotine. Hormonal differences might explain this (CNS Drugs 32:421). Most lab and clinical studies have found that progesterone decrease cigarette craving, blunts positive effects of tobacco, and improves cognitive functioning and stress during withdrawal. For example, […]

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Pre-dosing medications to increase efficacy

Recent studies on pre-dosing suggest it does, in fact, increase quit rates.  Most studies of pre-dosing had participants use nicotine gum for about 4 weeks prior to the quit date and most did not ask smokers to try to reduce, but just smoke as usual.  The idea is that with extra nicotine in the system, […]

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How Clinical Trial Statistics Can be Misleading

A recent review paper (Rosen et al, Addiction, in press) quantified how some cessation statistics can be misleading. Lets see if I can summarize that without too much jargon. The most commonly reported effectiveness statistics are the Odds Ratio (OR) and Relative Risk (RR). They are usually very similar and the RR is easier to […]

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