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Does the Addiction/Brain Disease Model Help or Hinder Tobacco Treatment

I and others have often tried to decrease “cessation fatigue” by decreasing self-blame of those who have failed to quit on multiple occasions (e.g. via having smokers believe that their inability to quit may not derive from poor willpower but due to a surplus of the addiction “disease”. But is this an evidence-based strategy? The […]

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Motivation vs Skill vs Dependence in Quitting Smoking

Smokers’ perceptions about quitting are just the opposite of what science says. A recent paper (Addict Behav 53: 175-180) has replicated the conclusions of a prior review (Addiction 106:2110-2121, 2011) that commitment/motivation/willpower predict making a quit attempt but does not predict ability to remain abstinent after a quit attempt. These papers also found the opposite […]

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Could Helping Smokers Plan a Quit Attempt Be Harmful

Several experimental studies have suggested gradual cessation is, as effective but no more effective, than abrupt cessation. We completed a study in which we found that, surprisingly, smokers who wanted to quit gradually did somewhat better with abrupt than gradual. Followup studies suggested that perhaps part of the reason for this is that gradual cessation […]

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Natural History of Quit Attempts

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I have tried not to use this blog to promote my own research, but thought I would violate that rule to show you some interesting findings. We recently completed a study having smokers who plan to quit sometime in the next 3 months call in each night to report on smoking for 3 months (NTR […]

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Can we predict who will quit? Does it matter?

Vangeli et al (Addiction 106: 2110-2121, 2011) identified eight large, population based studies of smoking cessation in the real world. The surveys included both US and other countries. Six used data acquired between 2000 and 2010. These studies offer the most generalizable test of predictors of making a quit attempt or predicting success once one […]

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Recent Survey Data on Smoking and Quitting in the US

Two new CDC surveys (MMWR 60:1207-1211, Sept 9, 2011 and MMWR 60:1513, Nov 11, 2011) report some outcomes of interest to TTSs. The first survey reports that now, among daily smokers, 16% smoke less than 10 cigs/day. In addition, other surveys have found that 20% of smokers are non-daily smokers, so when you add the […]

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