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Results of Recent Cochrane Review on Efficacy of Different Tobacco Dependence Treatments

The Tobacco Addiction Group of Cochrane (of which I am a member) published six new or revised meta-analyses of treatments for tobacco dependence. I am a big fan of the Cohrane reviews because they are all done using the same methods, usually locate all the available trials, and use rigorous methods. An updated review of […]

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Is Face‐to‐Face Counseling Worth It

In my prior entries, I have mentioned the need for studies showing that face‐to‐face counseling is worth the extra cost. Such individual treatment can never be as cost‐effective as less‐intensive treatment. In fact, in medicine there are very few cases where more intensive treatment is more cost‐effective. Recently, two studies have tested more vs less […]

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How Prevalent is Use of Face-to-Face Counseling for Smoking Cessation

Most US surveys report that about a third (36%) of smokers trying to quit seek treatment; many (32%) used medications but few (4%) smokers used counseling (Shiffman, Am J Prev Med 34:103-111, 2008). However, a new survey suggests use may be greater (Borland, Addiction 107:197-205). In a survey of 10 countries, the incidence of use […]

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