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Combined Pharmacotherapy and Behavior Therapy for Smokeless Tobacco Cessation

Although there has much press about e-cigarettes recently, we should not forget that smokeless tobacco use is increasing in the US. For example, in a very recent survey, 2.4% of Americans were currently using smokeless vs 2.3% using e-cigarettes (Lee et al, Preventive Med 62:14-19). A recent Cochrane review concluded that person-to-person counseling was helpful […]

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Utility of Face-to-Face Counseling

Many members of ATTUD provide face-to-face individual counseling. Since funding for tobacco treatment often originates from public health funding, many funders are concerned that the increased cost of such treatment is not warranted, given the known efficacy of group and phone counseling. As in many fields, the onus for burden of proof of the utility […]

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Efficacy of Adding Counseling to Medications for Smoking Cessation: When is Counseling Justified

A recent Cochrane review (“Behavioral Interventions as adjuncts to pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation”, Issue 12, 2012) reviewed 38 studies found individual in-person or phone counseling of at least 4 sessions were 1.3 times higher than that with medications alone (mostly NRT) with some evidence of greater quit rates with greater intensity of treatment. In comparison, […]

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