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Gradual Reduction for Smoking Cessation

A recent randomized trial (Annals Int Med, epublication) found that, among smokers trying to quit, gradual cessation was inferior to abrupt cessation (6 month prolonged abstinence = 15% vs 22%) and this occurred even in smokers who preferred gradual reduction. This study was replication of our earlier trial (Drug Alcohol Dependence 111:105–113) that was more […]

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Could Helping Smokers Plan a Quit Attempt Be Harmful

Several experimental studies have suggested gradual cessation is, as effective but no more effective, than abrupt cessation. We completed a study in which we found that, surprisingly, smokers who wanted to quit gradually did somewhat better with abrupt than gradual. Followup studies suggested that perhaps part of the reason for this is that gradual cessation […]

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