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Is it Best to Switch or Add to New Treatment When Trying to Quit Again?

A recent article based on very large prospective study reported that smokers who failed a quit attempt on one medication, tried again and used a different medication, had 3 times higher success rates than those who tried again and used the same medication (Heckman et al Am J Prev Med, in press). Although this is […]

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Repeat quit attempts: Use new therapy or old therapy?

Most smokers who seek individual treatment for smoking cessation have tried to quit in the past and many have already used a behavioral or pharmacological treatment. Assessing why past treatments were used, compliance and perceived benefit of the prior treatment is recommended in most treatment guidelines. However, whether it is best to repeat old treatments […]

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Choosing a Counseling Therapy

After many years of stagnation in improving counseling approaches for helping smokers stop, we have several new counseling treatments. Most prominent are a) Motivational Interviewing, b) Reduction in cigarettes/day, c) Mindfulness Therapy, and  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Randomized trials show that MI (Cochrane Review, 2015) and reduction in cigarettes/day (Cochrane Review, 2015) both increase quitting […]

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