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Is Varenicline More Effective than NRT?

In several studies of varenicline vs. placebo, the magnitude of benefit from varenicline appeared to be more than that usually obtained with NRT. Only two randomized trials have directly compared varenicline with NRT. One trial was a large (n=746), well done study (Thorax 63:717) that found varenicline was more effective than standard dose NRT (26% […]

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Efficacy of Adding Counseling to Medications for Smoking Cessation: When is Counseling Justified

A recent Cochrane review (“Behavioral Interventions as adjuncts to pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation”, Issue 12, 2012) reviewed 38 studies found individual in-person or phone counseling of at least 4 sessions were 1.3 times higher than that with medications alone (mostly NRT) with some evidence of greater quit rates with greater intensity of treatment. In comparison, […]

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