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Psychiatric co‐morbidity with smoking is increasing over time

Smokers with a history of a psychiatric disorder are less likely to stop smoking than those without this history. In addition, whenever a society stigmatizes a behavior and makes it more deviant, then those who, nevertheless, take up or continue the behavior are more likely to have psychiatric co­morbidity. As a result of these two […]

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Changing Multiple Behaviors Simultaneously vs Sequentially

In two prior blogs I described the theory and evidence that self‐control is like a muscle in that one has a limited amount of self‐control and using that up on one task can make it harder to be successful at another self‐control task (Self‐control as a Finite Resource 5/20/14). But on the other hand training […]

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Marijuana Intoxication

Recently there has been an increase in emergency room visits for marijuana intoxication, perhaps due to the stronger potency of marijuana recently. The most common symptoms of intoxication are euphoria, misperception of time, sedation, disturbed perceptions, continuous giggling, red eyes, increased heart rate, dry mouth and increased appetite. Death from intoxication is very rare. Also, […]

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