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Partner Support for Smoking Cessation

A recent Cochrane Review (“Enhancing Partner Support… 2018) concluded that the 11 RCTs indicate providing partner support to smokers trying to quit does not increase quit rates. There are multiple lines of evidence that partner support is associated with greater quitting. For example, living with another smoker decreases quit rates and if a smoker quits, […]

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Recent Data on Quitting Smoking in the US

A recent CDC report (MMWR 65:1457) reports that the incidence of at least one quit attempt/yr has increased from 50% to 55%. That may sound encouraging but that also means that, despite stigmatization, taxes, smoking restrictions, free treatment in most states, almost half of smokers tried to stop. In addition, the CDC reports that 32% […]

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Blog on Hardening

As many of you know, I have been enamored of the hardening hypothesis (in terms of ability to quit on a given attempt). However, attached is what I think is the best test of that hypothesis from Robert West’s Smoking Tool Kit and clearly it is refuting it. Also, the CA survey has found similar […]

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