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Choosing a Counseling Therapy

After many years of stagnation in improving counseling approaches for helping smokers stop, we have several new counseling treatments. Most prominent are a) Motivational Interviewing, b) Reduction in cigarettes/day, c) Mindfulness Therapy, and  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Randomized trials show that MI (Cochrane Review, 2015) and reduction in cigarettes/day (Cochrane Review, 2015) both increase quitting […]

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Extended Counseling Improves Quit Rates: Empirical Support for What We Do

In prior blogs I have reported the results of Sharon Hall’s and others’ studies of keeping treatment ongoing after the first few weeks. In the past Sharon and others have examined extending both medication and counseling but I want to focus on the latter. Two prior randomized trials have examined extending counseling with a cognitive-behavorial […]

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