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Community Pharmacy Personnel Interventions for Smoking Cessation

This review examined 6 RCTs which compared cessation rates when pharmacists were trained in smoking cessation counseling and provided intense counseling vs typically < 5 min of advice from untrained pharmacists.

The resultant OR was significant at 2.3; however, the quality of the few studies used was poor.

These were not the interventions I expected to see. I was expecting the interventions to be similar to studies with physician advice; i.e., recruiting all who purchased a smoking cessation treatment into a single brief session that involved a few smoking cessation tips and information on the different medications.

Instead most of these were intensive interventions that often required several followup sessions and did not include provision of information on medication options. So I think we are still left without knowing whether adding brief advice to those purchasing smoking cessation meds increases medication compliance, making a quit attempt and succeeding.